About Screening Reports

Address and Employer Verifications

SRI verification specialists provide unbiased verification of income, rental, and employment history in accordance with your established acceptance criteria guidelines. We do not receive "leasing bonus" incentives or have personal relationships with applicants, making Fair Housing compliance easy, consistent and objective. All of our inquiries are made over the phone, not via mail or facsimile, whenever possible, to provide the fastest, most accurate information available.

Our employment and rental verification reports are supported by leading edge technology and unsurpassed customer service. Whether you choose a customized applicant scoring model, designed with your specific guidelines in mind, or an accredited multi-family risk model, our reports allow you to analyze employment and rental records and provide clear accept/decline guidelines based on your established criteria. This ensures consistent decision making, improves Fair Housing compliance, and relieves your staff from having to interpret employment and rental records and other subjective data.