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Screening Reports is your single-source provider of accurate, cost-effective and comprehensive rental background searches. Applicant screening and selection is one of the most important responsibilities property owners and managers face on a daily basis. Make sure you're getting the most complete, in-depth and up-to-date information available in the marketplace today.

We work directly with you to design an optimal screening program based on your specific needs, time frame and criteria. Both our customized applicant scoring and multi-family screening models allow you to consistently identify qualified applicants by using any or all of the following screening criteria:

National Credit Report
Including Credit Risk Score and Screening Summary
Criminal Record Investigation
National Sex Offender Registry, Instant Statewide Criminal Reports, OFAC Terror Search, and Multi-County Criminal Reports researched by SRI's own investigators in-person at county courthouses
Crime Alert Service
Notification when a resident is arrested for a felony or misdemeanor including: driving offenses, in-process files, noise complaints, possession of a controlled substance, MFG/DEL controlled substance and deceptive practice
Court Eviction Report
Including eviction filings and eviction judgments
Social Security Search
Including year of issue, additional aliases (AKA's) and addresses
Employment Verification
Including start and end dates, salary history and title check for current and previous employment
Rental History Verification
Including previous rental information, move in and move out dates, monthly rent, rental payment timeliness, damages and complaints